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Why Blogging for Your Business Can Make a Huge Difference

If you've recently created a website for your business, you've probably only seen a trickle of visitors. Don't be discouraged, you're not going to see explosive traffic numbers right away. You need to attract people and starting a blog is a great way to do that. 01. Increase Website Traffic Blogging for business is a content marketing tactic in which a business creates content related to its product or service to improve its online visibility. But visibility isn't the only thing you stand to gain; in fact, business blogs are so valuable that they're a top priority for 53% of marketers. This article will discuss the many benefits that blogging can bring to a business and give you some tips for starting a blog. Consider Make Pop Music, a Wix website that sells production gifts. While browsing the company's Wix Analytics, we noticed that this blog post had the second highest traffic volume after the homepage. After inserting the link into Ahrefs Site Explorer, we understood why - it was in the top spot on the search engine results page (SERP) for "studio desktop setup", a keyword that makes on average 150 searches per month. Site Explorer also revealed that the post's high search traffic made it the second most valuable page on the site after the homepage. 02. Generate conversions Blogging isn't immediately profitable for businesses like advertising; Most business blogs don't see a positive ROI until they've blogged regularly for 6-12 months. That said, blogs become more powerful as they grow, which means they have a longer lifespan than ads. In fact, 56% of marketers say blogging is effective and 10% say blogging has the best ROI of all marketing strategies. To take full advantage of this potential, Ivory Paper Co. shares one of its blog posts at the top of the homepage. The article links to nine of the company's planners and, as we can see in the "Top Navigation Flows" report below, successfully directs site visitors to product pages.

03. Contribute to social media efforts If you're only using your social media accounts as free advertising space, you're missing a huge opportunity. Social media marketing can improve customer retention because it keeps businesses top of mind with interested consumers. To reap these benefits, you need to share valuable content that makes consumers want to follow you. Your blog posts will (ideally) contain information that will interest your target audience, so you just need to reshape your content to fit the feed. For example, you can turn the most valuable elements of your blog posts into social media graphics. On average, small businesses that blog have 79% more Twitter followers than those that don't. 04. Builds trust in customer relationships People trust what is familiar. Blogging gives customers the opportunity to learn more about your business than they could from an ad or landing page. A blog gives you a platform to answer frequently asked questions and share company news. Additionally, sharing high-quality content shows your target market what you know about your industry, so they can trust you to deliver a quality product or service. Quixotic Design Co. uses its blog to demonstrate that it knows how to scale businesses with strategic design. For example, Why Your Website Isn't Making You Money explains how businesses can use visual hierarchies and cues to drive conversions. By sharing such an article, the agency simultaneously offers a free resource and demonstrates its value to potential clients.

05. Strengthens your brand A blog gives you almost unlimited space to deepen your brand identity. Take Bonny for example, this creative agency uses their blog to emphasize their niche as content creators for lifestyle brands. With catchy titles like #StayHomeStayInspired and Boost Your Superpowers - 3 Best Healing Stones for Busy People, the agency shows it can create content that appeals to a lifestyle brand's audience. 06. Differentiates a company from its competitors It can be difficult to show customers how your business offers more than your competitors, especially when your product or service isn't flashy or easily accessible. For example, a client should actively research which SEO tool is actually most effective for them. To address this challenge, Ahrefs created a comprehensive blog that shares valuable tips for analyzing data. Where applicable, blog posts feature step-by-step Ahrefs tutorials, a clever way to market the product in a way that benefits the reader. 07. Encourages engagement Customer engagement strengthens the bonds between a brand and its fans, thereby encouraging customer loyalty and expanding a business's reach. Every time a company writes a blog post, it creates something that loyal customers can share with people who may have never heard of the company. The Home Depot showed how powerful such a strategy can be. The company blog created a Patio Style Challenge series that encouraged hundreds of influencers to promote Home Depot on their own channels. The Home Depot took full advantage of all this free content by sharing it on a Pinterest board that has nearly 3 million followers.


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